FibreCast has the capability of fabricating a wide range of styles of ceramic fibre modules to meet the requirements of various vessel configurations and operating atmospheres. FibreCast can also provide complete lining design services.

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Vacuum Formed Products

FibreCast vacuum-forms custom parts in many shapes and sizes. These products include boards, ladles, fireplace panels, gateboxes, lids, crucibles, combustion chambers and comets.

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FibreCast operates a refractory precast shop capable of forming, pouring and drying a wide range of shapes.

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FibreCast operates a construction department which installs refractory products in customers' units as required.

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FibreCast was founded in 1993 and has successfully advanced toward achieving its goal of becoming a leader in ceramic fibre vacuum-form technology. We believe that the customer deserves the best products, on time, and as per specification. Whether it is ceramic fibre, mineral wool, precast shapes, installations, or any other refractory products, we are at your service.

This dedication to product and service excellence has earned FibreCast valued relationships with its customers. We look forward to working with you in today's competitive marketplace and along the way forging a partnership that will serve our customers and society.